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Even before birth, children are connected to family, community, culture, and place. Their earliest development and learning take place through these relationships, particularly within the context of family. You are your child's first and most influential educator.​

This year we will offer two 4-year-old groups.  The Possum and Kangaroo groups will each attend two sessions a week. Totaling 15 hours per week per group.  We will also offer two 3-year-old groups. The Koala group attends three sessions(shorter sessions) totaling 15 hours per week while the Platypus group attends two long sessions totaling 15 hours per week. 

Our preschool values the input of parents, their insight and understanding of their child, and their goals and expectations for their learning and development. For this reason, we want to work together with you as we get to know your child, planning for and supporting their learning. As children participate in everyday life, they develop interests and construct their own identities and understandings of the world. In recognition of this development, we uphold the National Framework for early childhood: Belonging, Being, and Becoming.

This framework, along with The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, provides a guide to the learning that is expected to take place in children from birth to age 8, so covers these early years of their education through to Grade 2 in primary school. It contains a common language for educators across the early years to use when talking about children's learning and development.

The 5 Learning Outcomes are:

1.   IDENTITY   
Children have a strong sense of identity


Children are connected with and contribute to their


Children have a strong sense of well-being

Children are confident and involved learners

Children are effective communicators

These outcomes encompass the developmental goals that have always been used in our programs. So essentially the same play-based learning that is such a key feature of the way in which young children learn, remains and is represented in the key outcomes. Information about the Early Years Learning Framework is available from our Downloads and Links page and in the Parent Library.

We use focus areas as a basis from which some of the activities and play experiences evolve. These come from the children's interests, community events, or the time of year. Please note that the program is fluid and may change from what is written, depending on how the children respond, their interests, or special events.

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